7 Sophisticated and Artsy Best Gift for Coffee Lovers

Coffee has been a not-detachable part of our millennial lives. In this fast-paced life, the caffeinated drink is ready to uplift your sleepy head on a lazy day and energizing your body, so it will be much responsive to new tasks and challenges. You can also enjoy it with friends, either in a cafe or in your cozy apartment. Anyway, do you have a friend who is very keen on coffee and having any celebratory events soon? If so, giving them a coffee-related gift will be perfect for them. Check out the ideas of the best gift for coffee lovers below.

Gift for Coffee Lovers

Best Gift for Coffee Lovers from Modernity to Classic Crafts

There are some people in your inner circle who can’t function well without coffee. If that’s the case, splashing their throat with coffee is the best emergency aid. However, giving them just a cup of coffee doesn’t sound appropriate for their birthday or celebratory events, does it?

  1. Cold brew coffee maker

Refreshing coffee to kick-start your day, why not? This can be the best gift for coffee lovers. With this new innovation, your friend will be able to obtain their most aromatic and best coffee ‘extract’, and consume it whenever they want.

  1. Coffee Bar System

This will bring out the barista in everyone. For your tech-savvy friends, this coffee maker machine will enable them to brew their coffee according to the coffee richness they like. This machine also provides them a built-in frothier, so mixing your ingredients just like a barista will be much easier. The machine is also able to brew you single serve or family-size coffee in their carafe. Well, there are many features that the machine can offer you.

  1. Flask

Just like mugs, flasks are one of those best gift for coffee lovers for its usefulness. Your friend can bring their hot coffee along with them, and drink it while commuting or having a break.

  1. Wall art

Who else thinks that coffee can be useful for art projects? You can turn your coffee beans into a wall art with the help of some glue and photo frame. To make it, make a shape/pattern first then glue your coffee beans to fill in the shape/pattern. Not only shape or pattern, but you can also make it into some encouraging sentences. Now, your 3D coffee wall art is ready to be used.

  1. Coffee stain painting

Have you ever heard of coffee stain painting? This will bring the waste into something artsy and valuable. You can use either canvases or even a dried leaf as the medium. Prepare the remnants of your coffee brew and a bit of water. Then, using your paintbrush, you can have fun preparing your best gift for coffee lovers.

  1. Coffee scented candle

The next on best gift for coffee lovers is coffee scented candle. This combination will not only be useful for comforting them after a long day at work, but they will also get the familiar and invigorating scent that they love.

  1. Brooch

For your women friends, brooch can be lovely accessories they can attach on their attire. For baristas or a coffee-shop crew, this can be a perfect gift to bring them extra spirit. The brooch can be made by putting some coffee beans into a molded resin. Then, glue a bar pin to the back of the brooch so it can be worn.

So, have you made your mind? You can choose the best gift for coffee lovers as a present for your friends. Now, what are you waiting for? Pick one, and bring your coffee-freak friend their special coffee-related gifts!