6 Simple and Personalized Gift for Mom

Your mom is having her birthday soon, and you don’t want to lose the day. Well, you surely want to give her the best gift. That way, you can convey your love to her. Compared to store-bought gifts, personalized gift for mom can upgrade the value. Moreover, by making a personalized gift, you can get the best approach to prepare it, so you can customize it according to your mom’s preferences. Style it to fit her favorite color, shape, or maybe scent (if you want to make a scent-related gift). Without further ado, let’s see what you can give to your lovely mom.

Personalized Gift for Mom

Easy Personalized Gift for Mom

  1. Mug

Everyone, including your mom, has their own favorite mug to contain various beverages, from warm milk before sleep or an energizing tea to kick starts the day. Gift your mom a personalized mug with her photograph on it. You can also remake her photograph into a vector illustration, WPAP, caricature, or whatever it is.

  1. An oil painting

If you have that magic artsy hand which can mix paint and brush well, it’s your time to shine. Make your mom’s portrait upgraded into the next level by turning it into an oil painting. This will require time to finish, but pretty sure your mom will love it!

  1. A love letter

Express your love to your mother through words. A letter from her children will surely make her day. Moreover, it’s a cheap gift with worthy value to offer. You can also ask your other family members to make this personalized gift for mom.

  1. Handmade scented soap

These days, handmade scented soaps are paving their way to popularity. What about giving your mom this gift with her favorite scent? A lavender soap, maybe? Make sure you know what her favorite scent is prior to making the soap.

  1. A journal

Making a journal as your personalized gift for mom will never go wrong. Although it may need more time to prepare, you can pour all of your feelings to your mom in the journal. Decorating it will also be essential. Adding her pictures into the journal can also be a good idea. With this gift, she can read it many times and flutter herself with daily dose of her child’s love.

  1. Knit sweater

Knitting a sweater isn’t just a grandma’s job. If your mom has a winter birthday, knitting her a sweater will be perfect to give her warmth. You can make a sweater with her favorite pattern and color. 

  1. A pendant

The last personalized gift for mom is a pendant. You can make a DIY pendant with little dried flower inside. To make this, you need some resin and its hardener, a mold, and of course the dried flowers. You can also add some of her favorite paints to give it accents.

Those are simple ideas of personalized gift for mom that you can choose. Which one suits your preferences? It’s time to make your love be known to her by giving these gifts.