The Top 10 Ideas of Anniversary Gift for Wife

The third Sunday of September marks the Wife Appreciation Day. It is one of the odd holidays which you may never heard of. Regardless of the day, everyone loves the idea that they are cherished by the ones they love. Especially when you already married , you may need the idea of anniversary gift for wife. Naturally, the best ways to make your spouse feel appreciated can’t be bought. Well, nothing can stop you when you want to show your gratitude with patience, encouragement, and affection.

However, when it comes to the meaningful gifts, you can enhance your gratitude that is expressed through your actions. Therefore, if you feel like your spouse needs to be shown a little extra love on a momentous day, think about what kind of anniversary give to commemorate the love and time you have shared and plan to have for the next 15 years.

The Traditional and Modern 1 – 15 Year Anniversary Gift for Wife

Anniversary Gift for Wife

Spending 15 years together as a married couple is an important milestone. As we know, crystal is a traditional gift to mark the 15th anniversary of marriage. It also represents the pure and vibrant love. As for the modern present, people usually give their spouses watch or glass as a symbol of the time they have spent together. In fact, many spouses feel pressured when it comes to choose either a modern or traditional 15 year anniversary gift for wife. Here are several ideas of anniversary gift for your beloved one.

The Bouquet of Red Roses

Ruby is the gemstone of 3 years of marriage. It has a deep red color, so does red roses. The shade of red represents affection and adoration to your beloved wife on this momentous occasion. The beautiful bouquet of red roses is an excellent idea, and it will liven up both your home and your wife’s heart before you give the primary gift.

3 years anniversary gift for wife
Becoming the Master Chef of the Night

After giving a bouquet of red roses as a part of 1 year anniversary gift for wife, now take some time to plan and create a dinner menu. Your wife will appreciate this effort if she is usually cooking the meal at home. Think about which meal she will enjoy the most if you cook it.

Writing a Love Letter

Nothing is wrong with writing a love letter to express the love and time that you have shared for the past 4 years. It can also be a part of 4 year anniversary gift for wife that you have prepared. Express your feelings and thoughts to connect with her by giving a writing hand letter. It will be one of the most delicate gifts you ever give to her.

Designing a Meaningful Piece of Jewelry

Make a piece of custom jewelry for 11 year anniversary gift for wife. This gift idea would be sentimental for her if the last jewelry you bought for her was the wedding ring. You can also create it based on the gemstone of the anniversary, which is ruby. Customized jewelry can be surprisingly inexpensive. Consider what kind of jewelry would best represent your love and life you have spent together just like the ideas below.

Make a piece of jewelry that includes the gemstones of your kids. Then, carve your initials or wedding date on the back of a necklace or any other jewelry. Gather all your kids to design a ring for your dear wife. Moreover, design a ring with the gemstone in an infinity symbol.

The Crystal Frame to Display Memorable Photos

Since crystal is a traditional 5 – 6 year anniversary gift for wife to celebrate a significant milestone in marriage life, it would be a good idea if you search through wedding album. Find a photograph that is worth showing by framing it with a crystal frame. It is a delicate way to display the cherished and unforgettable memories for the years to come.

The Timepieces

Timepieces come in various shapes and sizes, from the ones that sit on a desk to those hanging on the wall or wrapping around the wrist. Clock is the contemporary 7 year anniversary gift for wife that you may consider. Think about the time you’ve spent for the past one and half-decade, and the many years coming.

The Piece of Decor

Designing home decor for 8 year anniversary gift for wife sounds like a perfect idea. Get it with your name and wife’s carved on it with several sweet phrases to memorize the 8 years of marriage in a piece of wood or other materials. You can hang it up somewhere in the home as marriage anniversary gift.

The Crystal Vase

Still related to traditional gift that marks 9 – 15 years of being tied together in a knot, crystal vase is another traditional gift that complements a bouquet of red roses that you give to your wife on the morning of anniversary.

Capture the Memorable Places

For the past 10 years of being together, you must have gone to several places. Get the geographical coordinates of a particular location carved on a piece of jewelry or knickknack, such as key chain. It is a lovely gift that commemorates a remarkable and special place in your relationship

Go on a Vacation

Going on a vacation to mark another year of marriage will also be a memorable gift. If you have enough budgets to travel, you can have an exciting experience. It is something you might haven’t enjoyed since your honeymoon, such as relaxing on an exotic island, seeing and experiencing some brand new things, and enjoying time alone together.

Well, the ideas of giving a 1 – 15 year anniversary gift for wife may vary based on your budget. There is no need to force yourself to buy something you can’t afford. Any present that comes from your heart will always be appreciated, and it will mark another year of your marriage journey.